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Home of the The HIGHEST QUALITY LEGAL BUD. BIG HEAD SHOP - presents Only the Best Legal Bud and Legal Hybrid Buds on the market at our Online Herbal Smoke Shop. With unrivaled high quality Legal Buds and customer satisfaction our Legal Smoking Blends are the most sought after smoking alternatives. Looking for something different? We offer a wide assortment of Head Shop Smoke for the widest range of experiences and flavor. Our blends are all completely nicotine and tobacco free, but offer a smoking experience rich with smell, taste and sensory impacts that lasts longer than one might expect. Our Legal-Buds are all outstanding smokes that are breaking new grounds in the realm of alternative legal bud smoking. Our products are #1 for relaxation and potency, "Top Notch Legal Buds for the High Class Ultimate Smoking Experience"

High Octane Legal Buds


High Octane + is truly an impressive, pleasurable smoke. It is substantially potent made from a unique blend of rare botanicals and extracts, this 100% legal blend is uplifting, yet soothing and satisfying. Highly recommended! High Octane + is without exception an amazing herbal smoke with incredible effects lasting for 2-3hours. It is more potent than most all natural herbal smoking blends. You will definitely be a repeat customer on this blend! This is an extreme enhanced herbal smoke. Infused with 100% natural herbal extracts. Although it may seem that this blend contains some sort of artificial, additive, we guarantee it doesn't! It is the concentrated herbal extracts used in this blend that gives it the powerful FX's and "boost" behind it.

Soma - Amanita Muscaria

SOMA LEGAL BUD - "the infused Amanita Muscaria smoke"

SOMA is a mind-blowing "Extreme Herbal Smoke". SOMA has its own distinct characteristics and effects. WE HAVE TO WARN YOU: SOMA is a highly developed and extremely sophisticated blend with powerful psychotropic properties and characteristics. It is all organic and guaranteed NOT to contain any synthetic chemicals. SOMA is 100% botanically formulated from premium exotic herbs, extracts, resins and oils. Then to top it off it is enhanced with an infused Amanita Muscaria extract. SOMA is intense and offers long lasting high quality effects. Actually it is a herbal smoking blend masterpiece. Utilizing only the "highest grade" herbs and botanicals it is an extremely potent product that will amaze you! It has been meticulously tested for optimum potency and its "trippy" psychoactive effects.

Ultra Chronic Legal Bud

ULTRA CHRONIC LEGAL BUD "satisfying and definitely beyond compare"

Ultra Chronic is a 100% legal Super potent herbal smoke that really does go outside the usual limits of most herbal smokes on the market. It is excellent. it is hard hitting, trippy and extremely strong, satisfying and definitely beyond compare. It just screams: "enjoy me!" If you want a smoke that will last for hours then " Ultra Chronic" is the smoke for you. Absolutely a delightful herbal smoke that is VERY HIGH quality! The FX are STONE KILLER! And very quick. Very Intense feeling so make sure you can handle it! This is NOT your garden variety herbal smoke. Ultra Chronic is an exceptionally strong, yet is smooth, satisfying, and enjoyable. It didn't take our customers long to recognize Ultra Chronic as an outstanding product that delivers the finest smoke nature can produce.

Fusion Herbal Incense

Fusion Herbal Incense - Legal Bud

WITHOUT A DOUBT ONE OF THE HOTTEST MOST SOUGHT AFTER EXTREME HERBAL SMOKES IN THE WORLD! Fusion Herbal Smoke is right up there with Spice Gold Herbal Smoke and is positively without a doubt among the strongest most potent USA legal herbal smoking blends currently being offered by any U.S. herbal smoke web site. It is equivalent to "Spice Gold or Spice Diamond, K2 and other Infamous blends" in strength and effectiveness only smoother. It is made in the U.S. and does NOT contain chemicals of any kind like JWH. Fusion takes you where no other legal herbal smoke can or does. It is an extremely strong smoking blend. Many customers report enjoying Fusion up to 4+ hours and have compared it with other "familiar herbs" It will not disappoint you! We must warn you - It is absolutely intense and clearly a cut above anything ever offered.

Hard Core Legal Bud

HARD CORE LEGAL BUD - "experienced smokers need only apply"

This is for the experienced Legal Bud Smokers Only. The smoker who demands much, much more from their smoke shop blend. Hard Core is another high quality legal bud botanical. This legal bud blend is not at all for the weak. It is as it's name implies Hard Core and it is! To say this blend is super charged is an understatement. We guarantee it is nothing like you've ever experienced before. For those seeking the highest of expectations and satisfying taste that will never let you down. It is by far as "Hard Core" as it gets yet is a 100% legal bud smoking blend that keeps will have you coming back for more.

Magma Legal Bud

MAGMA LEGAL BUD - "let the lava flow and flow"

Another grand addition to the new extreme generation of legal bud smoking blends is Magma Legal Bud. The smoke shop blend that you must try to believe. No description gives it justice of it's high quality. We know MAGMA Legal Bud will end up being the number one selling blend in a matter of a short amount of time!This bud blends have a long standing reputation as being among the most potent and satisfying on the market. Super charged and nothing like anything you'' ever experienced before in a legal bud smoke. This smoke blend is not typical, it is absolutely potent and extremely exhilarating. According to countless satisfied repeat customers this bud blend rivals the best of legal buds and is a complex, delightfully pleasing smoke shop bud.

Lightning Legal Bud

LIGHTNING LEGAL BUD - "the light that shines way up"

Hands-down, one of the finest most ultra potent super impressive extreme blends. Our customers keep raving about it and we get a huge amount of repeat business on. An extremely powerful high-end smoke that is down right intoxicating. This blend is one that is not tame and is not recommended for the first time smoker. Lightning will woo even the toughest of critics. It produces the highest quality effects that are very long lasting. A real gem with a perfect blend of effects. With emphasis on being MEGA powerful. Comparable to K2, Spice Gold and other high end legal buds. Specially blended for optimal potency and a taste. Substantially potent in addition to being very satisfying. Recommend by our returning customers as one of their favorite extreme blends. Comes in a high quality re-sealable pouch to guarantee freshness.

BlueBerry Haze Legal Bud


Blueberry Haze Hybrid Bud is a thick ultra good-looking herbal hybrid bud formed like hard little nuggets. These buds are well-cured and pressed together in a perfect manner. Probably the best compressed all natural hybrid we have ever seen. It keeps its shape, holds together and doesn’t come apart until you’re ready unlike many of hybrid buds on the market. Composed of 100% exotic herbs and botanicals this legal high quality bud produces a potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing smoke! Blueberry Haze has a classic scent, with a rich ripe blueberry aroma. It is a top quality all natural blueberry hybrid bud that is not only delicious as it is smooth and an extremely satisfying smoke as well. This smoke is very intense. Blueberry Haze offers a nice relaxed feeling overall with a delayed effect before it sets in, but once it kicks in, it is superb. This is one smoke with the qualities you look for in a strong Herbal Haze. Absolutely the best looking herbal bud we have ever seen anywhere by anyone!

Hawaiian Hybrid Legal Buds


Hawaiian Hybrid Bud comes direct from the island of Hawaii, freshly picked straight from the fields. Hand groomed and harvested from the richest soil in the world. Hawaiian Harvest Smoking Blend is unlike anything other marijuana alternative smoke you have ever tired! It has a great taste and smell that returning customers keep coming back for time and time again. It has that familiar old feeling of euphoria and relaxation! The euphoria and calm will stay in the background while a more psychotropic effect eventually will creeps up on you and takes over according to many customers who have enjoyed this smoke it is a definite winner! Simply put this is an ultra potent bud that offers an incredible satisfying smoke!

Panama Red Legal Buds

Panama Red Ball Legal Buds

Panama Red Ball is a philosophers type of alternative smoking. It is perfect for kickin' it with friends, mellowing out and contemplating whazz-up in this zany world of ours. It is a great smoke for first time or seasoned smokers who are after something unique. Panama Red Ball is wicked blast. Its made from a Botanical Hybrid Bud and is one of those type of nuggets you know is going to knock you out but you continue to smoke it anyway! 100% Legal Herbal Hybrid Bud. Definitely deserves to be among the Best of the Best Hybrid Buds. These beautiful tight, solid red buds will blow your mind. Panama Red Ball produces a flavorful smoke along with a pleasant aroma yet is an extremely potent smoke that will not disappoint you.

Bliss Herbal Smoke


Bliss is a very good "alternative", a bit harsh yet very pleasant with a mild "BLISSFUL" narcotic effect. Smoked for centuries by the Bushmen as a narcotic. Bliss's main ingredient comes direct from Africa. Can be used as a substitute to smoking tobacco. Does Not contain JWH-073, JWH-018 other chemicals, synthetics, or addictives, Salvia Divinorum, tobacco or nicotine. Just 100% Natural herbs & Botanicals. Traditionally smoked in a pipe. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of herbs & herbal extracts. The main herb being Tarchonanthus camphoratus.

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