Quit Smoking with Herbal Smoking Blends

There are only two ways to effectively quit smoking, cold turkey or gradually. Neither way is better than the other for all people. When you quit gradually, you use various methods to taper off before you have that last cigarette. One of the most effective resource to quit smoking is to use herbs to help you quit gradually. Many have claimed that herbs can ease the withdrawal symptoms of the nicotine habit. There are many natural herbs and herbal smoking blends that can help to quit smoking forever.

Using the right herb mixture will not only help you stop, but it can make you also feel better. Smoking natural herb or herbal smoke products is actually available and legal in the United States and other countries. There are many herbal smoke blends that are available in the market to help curb the smoking cessation.

Herbal Smoke and Herbal Smoking Blends are nicotine and tobacco free. Many individuals have turn to herbs to quit smoking because they are much safer and there is no further nicotine being introduced into the blood stream. The withdrawal symptoms are easier to deal with and the cravings for tobacco are not as intense. Smokers have been turning to Herbal Smoking for more than forty years as a smoking alternative to tobacco, in order to help quit smoking. You have to be cautious in selecting the right herbal blend as some are more potent than others. It is essential that you choose the flavor and potency suitable for you in deciding which blend to help you quit smoking.

Since herbal smoking blends does not contain nicotine or other harmful antioxidants, they are very safe way to help quit smoking gradually. However smoking herbs does affect your lungs, it only common sense that smoking anything does affect your respiratory system. The principal advantage of herbal smoke is that it caters to the particular habit of all smokers for the physical act of holding a cigarette and blowing out smoke. Herbal smoking blends is a mix of various herbs that with flavors and aroma that is taken as herbal alternative for tobacco and help quit smoking.

Some benefits of using Herbal Smoke Blends

  • Rid yourself from nicotine addiction
  • Improves your health
  • Reduces bad breadth
  • Saves on the expenses cost of tobacco
  • Herbs have healing properties to various other ailments


Herbal blends can either be smoked or chewed to gain success in stopping smoking. The idea is that when you want to smoke a cigarette, reach for the herbs as a substitute. They are not addictive and will help rid your body of the toxins. But wait a minute you might say, smoking cigarettes relaxes me. Nothing in cigarettes can make or help you actually relax! Quite the opposite in fact pollutants, irritants and stimulants are present that affect your wellbeing and health. It messes up and damages your system with prolonged exposure.

Remember the first cigarette you ever puffed, what did it made you felt like?

For most of us it was awful experience. Maybe you got a little dizzy, felt nausea, felt buzzed or heady, coughing and maybe watery eyes. Your arteries and blood vessels will grow smaller and your heart will beat faster. Less oxygen gets to your lungs, brain and throughout your system you are filling up with toxins. The relaxation or feeling of ecstasy that you experience is not a physical symptom but a mental one. You are facing behaviors and rituals that are part of your life’s routine.

Smoking herbs will cater to need to hold something and smoke; in the meantime eliminating the nicotine intake and making the next cigarette seem less desirable. Herbal smoking is an alternative to cut back on cigarettes gradually rather than cold turkey. Smoking herbs and herbal smoke also has the added boost to your mood or to provide a natural herbal relaxation. Good luck in your efforts to quit smoking, its well worth it!